Help Choose Dahl Haus' Debut Single

We're finally getting ready to spring our tunes on your unsuspecting ears. Are you ready? Check out the teaser sample of tracks from our debut, "Welcome to the Dahl Haus," and if you like them, join our mailing list and vote in the poll to choose our first single. 

0:00 "Scream Machine"
0:19 "Seasick"
0:46 "Dreamscape"
1:27 "Helium"
2:00 "First Mistake (The Mind Fuck Song)"
2:43 "Silhouettes & Alibis"

Because Knowledge Is Power, But Garbage is Sublime

Thanks to the Autumn Roses blog for encouraging our singer's pursuit of a higher education. The song-centric Tumblr shared Blaise's end term vocal production project from Berklee College of Music -- a cover of the Garbage classic, "Special," where Blaise plays and sings all except for a 12-string sample in the intro. You can check it out on SoundCloud and read more about the admiration and respect both Blaise and Autumn Roses have for Garbage's Shirley Manson. Oh and, FYI, Blaise's "Special" got an A from her professor  -- a 3-time Grammy winner who's worked with Mary J. Blige, Destiny's Child, Sting, and Aretha! And what's even better than an A? A gold star tweet from Garbage themselves after hearing the track! Expect to hear this gem in our live set very soon.

Wheatus in the audience and flying flashing skulls... typical Saturday night at DJ Mojo Presents at Bar Matchless

Always a crazy good time at DJ Mojo Presents at Bar Matchless shows. He brought the post-Halloween voodoo to our closing song in a big way... tossing an oversized, flashing eyed skull at our girl Blaise to end the evening. 

Adding to the magic was a special audience member. Big love for Brendan Brown of Wheatus for coming out to see us, and for his kind words. He not only walks the talk, he backs it up on social media. He left us feeling like so much more than Teenage Dirtbags. We still get tingly just thinking about it.

wheatus with balise and daniel.jpg